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Dr. Ben Pope on Diabetes Research, Insulin Resistance, and Finding a Cure

“There are actually no drugs on the market that target the fat cells for weight loss. Even though our fat is where all our excess weight is stored. It is also what secretes hormones that regulate our appetite.” Dr. Ben Pope

"In this new interview [on Livin' La Vida Low Carb,] Jimmy [Moore] speaks with the Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a startup company called Mellicell named Dr. Ben Pope about their stated goal to create a cure for diabetes. Dr. Pope was recommended to Jimmy by fellow researcher and former podcast interview guest Dr. Ben Bikman and the conversation took a deep dive looking closer at the role fat cells play in the diabetes epidemic, what role nutrition and biohacking lifestyle techniques are playing in the company’s plan, and a whole lot more. With both of his parents being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes two decades ago, this topic is personal for Ben and is the impetus for creating an educational resource or possible drug that could provide the ever-elusive cure for diabetes.

"Dr. Ben Pope is Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at MelliCell. Cross-trained in biology and engineering, Ben brings interdisciplinary expertise and management experience to lead our scientific and technology development efforts. Ben has been pursuing a cure for diabetes since his parents’ diagnosis over 20 years ago and is an inventor of MelliCell’s core technology."

To listen to the full episode, click here.

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