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Our groundbreaking stem-cell platform accelerates the development of drugs that promote weight loss and treat Diabetes Mellitus. Our technology has already been recognized by leaders in the Biotechnology sector and we are setting the trend for industry standards.

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At MelliCell, cell and tissue engineering solutions provide a flexible and targeted approach to scientific discovery.  Our approach is already driving results faster, further and closer to the cure.


We’re a young and talented group of scientists & entrepreneurs, but we are also people just like you, with loved ones who suffer from disease. 

MelliCell helps those we care about by understanding what is happening at a cellular level and creating products to deliver better treatments and overall improved health.  Get to know who we are.

"It always seems impossible until it’s done."

Nelson Mandela

"If there is a disease that most likely will affect my children, it is Diabetes, their maternal and paternal grandmothers have it, and WHEN we cure it, the world will be better for it"

Dr. Prince Nnah, CEO of Mellicell

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