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Where diabetes meets the cure

MelliCell develops therapeutics for diabetes and obesity using a proprietary in vitro model of weight gain in human fat cells. The products that we develop are distinct from competing therapies (e.g. GLP-1 analogs, SGLT2 inhibitors, anorexiants, intestinal lipase inhibitors, insulin secretagogues) by focusing on adipocyte-intrinsic mechanisms of action enabled by our core technology.

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Why MelliCell?

We’re a talented group of scientists & entrepreneurs, but we are also people just like you, with loved ones who suffer from disease. MelliCell helps those we care about by understanding what is happening at a cellular level and creating products to deliver better treatments and overall improved health.  

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Technology that bleeds the edge of innovation

Our groundbreaking stem-cell platform accelerates the development of drugs that promote weight loss, and ultimately a cure for diabetes. Our technology has already been recognized by leaders in the biotechnology sector and we are setting the trend for industry standards.


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About diabetes

For such a pervasive disease, diabetes is widely misunderstood. 

Here are some helpful insights about the state of this disease on a global scale.