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Our groundbreaking stem-cell platform accelerates the development of drugs that promote weight loss, and ultimately a cure for Diabetes. Our technology has already been recognized by leaders in the Biotechnology sector and we are setting the trend for industry standards.

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We’re a talented group of scientists & entrepreneurs, but we are also people just like you, with loved ones who suffer from disease. MelliCell helps those we care about by understanding what is happening at a cellular level and creating products to deliver better treatments and overall improved health.  Get to know who we are.

The Platform

Current Research tools used for Adipose tissue analysis have limitations.  MelliCell's groundbreaking technology give us the unique ability to develop adipose tissues thousands of times larger than conventional methods which allows more accurate mimicry of the size and behaviors of adipocytes in obese adults. The MelliCell platform enables discovery of therapeutic targets and leads, while reducing the time and money required for efficacy screening.

Diabetes Myths, Facts & Figures

Myth: Diabetes is a bigger problem in North America and Europe than the rest of the world.

Fact: more than 10% of people in the US have diabetes. That's shockingly high, but it ranks 59th worldwide behind Pacific Islands (e.g. 30% in the Marshall Islands), African (e.g. 22% in Sudan), Asian (e.g. 19% in Pakistan), and Latin American (e.g. 17% in Belize) countries. Diabetes is a global issue.

Myth: We get type 2 diabetes because we eat too much.

Fact: We really don't know what causes diabetes and studies implicate everything from gut bacteria to microplastics to working the night shift. While being overweight is a strong risk factor for type 2 diabetes, genetics, family history, and other environmental factors are too.

Myth: Diabetes is easily reversed with diet and exercise.

Fact: While weight loss is beneficial to those of us who are overweight, eating less and exercising are unreliable for diabetes remission. For example, 3.5% of people experienced 4-year remission in this study: 10.1001/jama.2012.67929. We should make healthy choices, but eating less and exercising aren't stopping diabetes.

Diabetes Awareness ... Facts & Figures

1 in 10 adults are affected by Diabetes 1 in 2 that have Diabetes are undiagnosed Every 8 seconds someone dies from disease and/or complications of Diabetes People with Diabetes have health care costs that are 2.3 times greater than those without $327B is spent annually on diagnosed diabetes care & treatment … that’s one of every seven healthcare dollars


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