Our Team

We’re an experienced and talented group of scientists & entrepreneurs, but we are also people just like you, with loved ones who suffer from diabetes. We help those we care about by understanding what is happening at a cellular level and creating products to deliver better treatments and overall improved health. Get to know who we are.


Dr. Prince Nnah


Prince is an entrepreneur with a passion for solving healthcare issues that span the value chain


Dr. Ben Pope


Ben is the co-inventor of the platform and leads our scientific and technology development efforts.


Barry Pope


Barry brings a breadth of Healthcare experience in Analytics, Information Exchange & Implementations


Dr. Audrey Hughes

Director of Computational Modeling

Audrey is dedicated to reaching across scientific disciplines and leveraging creativity to...


Dr. Aaron Glieberman

Senior Engineer of Platform Development

Dr. Aaron is a biomedical engineer with wide-ranging experience in device development, tissue...


Dr. David Bouck

Director of Platform Development & Screening

Dr. David Bouck is a cell biologist who has combined his background in biology with his interest...


Connor Truex

Data Analyst

Connor Truex is a Data Analyst at MelliCell. With a strong analytical and data computational...


Dr. Quinn P. Peterson

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Peterson is an Assistant Professor of Physiology at the Mayo Clinic. His research focus is...


Michal Washburn

Marketing Intern

Michal Washburn has a background in marketing and public relations. ...


Christina Pizza

Cell Culture Technician

Christina was trained and mentored in cell culture at the Harvard School of Engineering ...


Dr. Benjamin T. Bikman

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Bikman is an Associate Professor of Physiology and Developmental Biology at Brigham Young...

Effect Change

MelliCell is dedicated to a results driven culture that contributes to breakthrough research required to radically influence the needed changes in the healthcare landscape, especially as it relates to obesity & diabetes. If you have what it takes to be a part of the solution, and not just talk about and observe the epidemic ...