The Platform

Our core technology enables discovery of therapeutic targets and leads, while reducing the time and money required for efficacy screening. It efficiently turns human stem cells into fat cells and accelerates their growth to sizes that are thousands of times larger than conventional limits and that match the sizes of mature fat cells in adults. Changes in fat cell size are how adults gain (or lose) weight, and increased fat cell size predicts diabetes better than obesity per se. The products we develop will treat obesity and diabetes by shrinking fat cell size and by preventing compromised metabolism in enlarged cells.

Competitive Advantage

a  2-year material half-life in vivo

b  n = 93 differentiations

c  30 ± 3% cells lost by detachment; n = 6 differentiations

d  Adult size in 2 months (58 µm diameter)

e  18.9 ± 0.2 µm cell diameter; n = 4 differentiations

f  Tunable cell-to-cell spacing

Physiological Relevance

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