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Changes in fat cell size are how we gain or lose weight. Increasing fat cell size can lead to diabetes due to disruptions in metabolism, while shrinking fat cells that have grown too large can reverse the process. The MelliCell M3 platform efficiently turns human stem cells into fat cells and accelerates their growth to sizes matching those of mature fat cells in adults—thousands of times larger than what can be accomplished with conventional in vitro methods. Using our unique ability to grow fat cells to relevant sizes, we can identify treatments for obesity and diabetes that shrink fat cell size to remedy or entirely prevent the compromised metabolism caused by enlarged fat cells. Thus, our core technology enables the rapid discovery of novel therapies that directly target one of the primary—but largely unaddressed—causes of metabolic disease.

Competitive Advantage



Conventional Method
Feature / Advantage
M³ Platform
37.6 ± 0.4 ᵇ
Culture Longevity (days)
> 100 ᵃ
NO ᶜ
3D Cell Attachment
NO ᵉ
Adult Cell Size
NO ᵉ
Controlled Growth Rate

a:  n = 93 differentiations

b:  2-year material half-life in vivo

c:  30 ± 3% cells lost by detachment; n = 6 differentiations

d: 18.9 ± 0.2 µm cell diameter; n = 4 differentiations

e:  Adult size in 2 months (58 µm diameter)

f:  Tunable cell-to-cell spacing

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